Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Chris Kipp, my co-worker, taught one night at Crosstalk that we need to "Step out in faith and allow God to be God",how true.

Well, our team of 7 ladies will be leaving Sunday, May 23 to serve the Lord by "stepping out in faith and allowing God to be God". It is always such an adventure going to Uganda....the sights you see as you travel in an un-airconditioned van...our team of 7 plus the driver, Momma Aidah and sometimes Pastor Morris. Sometimes we even have some friends that need a ride to Mbale. You see people...lots of people...walking to get water from one of the streams, carrying their big yellow "jerry cans" on their head, baby wrapped in a cloth on the momma's back...goats, cows, chickens....Boda Boda drivers (those are the bicycle taxis)...mota mota drivers (that's what I call the motorcycle taxis)...vans like we are in packed with so many people you wonder how they are breathing. There is red dirt everywhere and it is covering everything because of the many autos that are driving at kind of fast (yikes!). The cities are just full of sights and sounds...outside the city you see the most beautiful, lush, green fields,crops of tea and coffee...pineapple, bananas, it is amazing. You pass by the small little communities close to the road. What you see are mud huts on red dirt with lush greenery beside it and behind it...children playing with sticks and rocks...most of the little ones with no clothes on...all of them without shoes. What frightens me is how close to the road the children play or sit or toddle about...we would die if our kids were that close to the road!! We see mothers wash clothes using the water that they walked miles to get early that morning, they may be bathing their babies with the water and then they will use it to cook...usually using the leftover bones to make a soup like meal. Where are the men? Hummm, don't know for sure...some are Boda Boda Drivers...some are ???

We drive from little community to little community...seeing the furniture for sale on the side of the road, the vegetables and the fruit, the drum makers hut, little store like structures. We keep driving and then we see the most beautiful, fast flowing is the Nile River!!!

I am excited to see the sights and the people that I have grown to love over the past five years. And I am excited to share this with the six ladies that I will be traveling with...two of them, Deanna and Rachel have been to Uganda with me before and I know that they are ready to get back to see the sights and people that they too have grown to love.

I hope that you will join us on this journey as we serve our Lord by "Stepping Out In Faith and Allowing God to be God". We will update our blog (thank you Brandi for setting this up for us) as often as we can. We will try to do this every evening...if we have electricity and internet never know. We would ask each of you to partner with us by praying for our safety, our health and mostly that our eyes and ears will be open to hear Gods voice. That we will "die to self" and truly follow God and the plans that He has for us and for our wonderful Ugandan family. We are so blessed that He has chosen us to be His hands and feet these next two weeks in Uganda. He has chosen ALL of us...yes, you included, to be His hands and feet everyday, wheather it be in Uganda, Wimberley, San Marcos, Bryan, Dallas, Midland, The Woodlands...everywhere. One more prayer request...for our families that we are leaving at home...for them to be safe, healthy and not miss us too much (but to miss us enough :). We treasure your prayers...thank you in advance...and we Thank you Jesus for what you are going to do these next two weeks!!
Blessings to each of you, Becky


  1. i am so excited!!!!! i could not have described it better myself. love you Becky!

  2. Mary and I will be praying for you and your team. We know the trials of travel to Uganda and the many "challenges" you may encounter. You will have an awesome time. Be sure to tell Sam at Mt. Elgon I said to take good care of you while you are there. Have fun.
    Mike and Mary

  3. Please Brandi, tell me who lives in The Woodlands. This is where I live. Blessings- Terrell Welch

  4. Becky,your blog posting simply radiates the Holy Spirit at work in you all as you bless and are blessed in Uganda. I can now see why Dee speaks so highly of you. Deanna, I'm ashamed to be going to listen to Brooks and Dunne tonight in Dallas while you are experiencing and imparting Jesus in Uganda. Dee's proud Dad