Friday, May 28, 2010


Wow!! What can I say, these ladies are amazing and so enthusiastic about sewing. There were 30 that came yesterday! Yikes! And 2 men want to learn too. They stayed all day and are so patient. I can already see a handful that will teach sewing after we leave. The rest of the time I'll just work with these 6 or 7 ladies. I have a wonderful helper, Margaret who translates and knows how to sew as well. She also works at the children's home.

I was so worried about teaching them the right thing so we just started with the's enough for right now. But they learn so quick and are so eager to learn. So cool!

Michele, can I stay longer?? jk

Josh, thanks for the superstar song!!
Jess, thanks for the pics of Beckett on the camera.:)
Joshua, thanks for many things!
Micah, thanks for the letter, yea, I cried.
Mom, don't worry, just pray!!



  1. I am so happy to hear that you ladies arrived and are serving the people in Africa..

    You are all doing GODS work, and you can hear it in your blog how happy ya'll are...

    Please hug Emili for me. I have continued to pray for her & all of you that have traveled so far to spread GODS word....

    May GOD continue to keep all of you safe.

    With love,


  2. Thank you. I will hug precious Emili for you! It has been so great getting closer to her on this trip. We sure have bonded. We are all so blessed that we feel so safe here and so taken care of by God, in every way!