Friday, May 28, 2010

The Mzungu's are here

Yesterday was our first day at Covenant School. This is the school at Morris & Aidah’s church that is walking distance from the Namatala Village. This is where our 30 I Choose You kiddos, from Namatala, go to school.

Let me start by saying, sponsoring an I Choose You child makes a HUGE difference in their lives. It gives them a future and a hope! So much more than providing money for food and medical care, it provides them hope for their spirit! I was blown away at what I saw at this place. From the moment we arrived, the kids and their momma’s were ready to greet us. They had been waiting for us! I have never felt so loved. Instantly, they welcomed us into their family with all smiles and hugs. They absolutely LOVE it when you take their picture and then show it to them. They don’t have mirrors!!

We visited each classroom and were introduced to the teachers and kids; Such disciplined and respectful children, all in uniform, all immediately standing next to their little desks to greet us.

We finally made it to the Precious class. This is the class for the kids 5 and under. There is where I got to me my little Mudua Irene, the I Choose You kid that we sponsor. I was so overwhelmed with emotion, to finally meet her. Our family has been praying for her for so many months, Loren and Luke included. She is beautiful. To my surprise, she is now 5 and has lost her two front teeth, just like Loren. I also found out that Mudua now has Malaria. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER. At first she was very shy around me but soon began to warm up and smile. We told the class the Daniel and Lions Den Bible story, and then we made little lion masks as the craft. They just loved it! It was just like KDO, but in Africa!

Again, I am overwhelmed at how happy these kids are. I’ve never seen kids this poor, yet so happy. I guess they are poor by our standards, but they are not poor in spirit. Covenant School is amazing! God is there! You can feel His spirit all around there.

We went on to play with all the kids outside. They all wanted to touch us and have their picture made with us. Sometimes they asked if they could have my necklace I was wearing and they loved me taking their pictures wearing my sunglasses. They are fascinated with the Mzungu’s (white person). Two little girls latched on to both of my arms at one point and just would not let go. They were showering me with love and acceptance and it was beautiful. I found Jesus here, in Uganda. He was loving me through the beautiful kids. His face was in them.

Meanwhile, Darby was teaching sewing lessons to all the I Choose You mothers. What a miracle. You should have seen these women flooding into the sewing room. There were about 30 or more women, so eager and excited to learn a new skill. There were even 2 men among them! Darby taught them to sew little pillow cases and when they would complete one, they would wave it around and just laugh with satisfaction. Darby is being used in a mighty way. She is not only teaching them a skill they can use to make money to support their children; through God, through Darby, they are receiving a future and a hope. A new hope filled the air in that hot room!

My little Mudua’s mom was in the room learning. I took Mudua to greet her and so I could give Mudua’s gifts to her (so the other kids would not take off with them). That was the most emotional moment for me. When I met Mudua’s mom and her younger son I could not hold back my tears. She is a mom of 7, just barely getting by. She was so overwhelmed when she learned I was the one supporting her daughter, giving her the chance to go to this awesome school where God is and giving her a hot meal every day. I was crying more than she was. I felt so valuable, to her and to God. I have been given the chance to come alongside this beautiful mother and help her in raising her child. What an honor! I feel like she is a sister to me. Even though she cannot speak English, when I said Jesus, she lit up. His love is universal, I guess.

Wow, what a day…..and that was just the first day among the kids. We are heading back today, to teach the older classes. We are going to the market this morning to get the flour, sugar, soap and Vaseline that we will then divide and distribute to the I Choose You families on Saturday for their monthly supply. This will be amazing! Pictures, pictures!

I just feel like encouraging everyone, if you feel the nudge from the Holy Spirit, COME TO AFRICA! You won’t be sorry you did. It is not at all like what we are used to. You will experience a love like you never have before. I don’t know who was more blessed today, the children or me? I think it was me!

Love to you all, from the most blessed group of 7 Mzungu's in all of Uganda!

I love you Loren & Luke & Tony!


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