Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Oh Happy Day

Howdy! It's Emili. What an amazing trip so far. We thank God for Brandi and her wonderful "blogging" skills.. without her, all of the readers would be disappointed with a blank website.

I can't believe that the trip is almost over!! Saying our goodbyes today was a toughie. The team spent the morning loving on many precious babies at the orphanage down the street. There were roughly 36 kiddos, all without parents. What beautiful gifts they were though.. If Momma Adiah hadn't been there to tell us that we were "not allowed to take the babies home with us", all of the babies would have been hidden in our carry-ons, no doubt.
After the orphanage, we trucked over to the home village of our ICHOOSEYOU kids where we had the opportunity to eat at the "pig joint" for lunch. If there were only a "pig joint" in San Marcos. The food was amazing (although very different). We used the "forks that God gave us" to "pig" out.. it was awesome. The best part about this lovely restaurant was knowing that the pigs that are being raised on the land purchased by ICHOOSEYOU will one day be sold there. God continues to reveal the open doors that he is providing for ichooseyou and we have LOVED watching his works.

After the pig joint, the team visited the school where our ICHOOSEYOU kids attend for the last time.. The women that Darby had the opportunity to teach had all of the items that they had made throughout the week laid out for sale. After the team went on a shopping spree, the women had "officially" made their first sale, making over 230,000 shillings. BIG MONEY. Watching God use Darby as a tool this week has been mind boggling. God has used her to do such great things for these women. Words can not describe the hope that God has given these women through Darbs. They now shine with hope and joy, knowing that they have a skill that can provide for their family. These women went from straight faces and slumped shoulders to glowing smiles and endless hugs. We thank God for leading Darbs on this trip, and we are so thankful that Darbs surrendered herself to the Lord, listening to his plan and following it with a humble heart (Darb's kiddos, you would be so proud).

After buying our goodies, we loved on our kids for the last time. If I could put in words how amazing these kids were, you would have a plane ticket bought to Uganda in 5 minutes. The love that they radiate is like none that I have ever seen. It was SOOOO hard to say goodbye.
Although it was tough saying goodbye, it was so good to leave these kids knowing that they have hope.. Before, they were like other kids in the village, rummaging around with hopeless faces, dirty clothes, and hungry bellies. . Sponsors, you all are blessing these families with more than you could ever imagine.

When going hut to hut yesterday and the day before, we had the opportunity to see where all of the ICHOOSEYOU kids came from. The village was filled with mud huts, naked kids, dirty water, sick families, drunken fathers, etc. You name it, we saw it. This week, God has humbled my heart. I have realized how truly blessed I am. Our struggles do not even come close to comparing with theirs. And you know the crazy thing??? They still are joyful...

Like Brandi said, many people were saved on our journey through the village. His kingdom grew.. what great news right???? God has used this team in amazing ways. We all thank God that he has used us to share his amazing word. God has given us the opportunity to watch him mold hearts and break strongholds. His presence this week is without-a-doubt the most amazing thing that I have yet to experience.

We all can't believe that we have to leave tomorrow. Although we miss our family and friends, it is non-the-less hard to say goodbye to our ichooseyou family. I ask that you all keep our journey home tomorrow in your prayers. I thank you all for following us and supporting us on this wonderful trip.

Ted- I cannot wait to show you this picture that I captured. I KNOW without a doubt 100% that you will love it. Thank you, by the way, for being the backbone of this team (along with Becksters). We couldn't have done it without you. We miss you A LOT and I can not wait for you to come and see the glowing faces of these kiddos that miss "Papa Ted" next year.

Everyone else- we love you and thank you.
Our plane leaves Entebe tomorrow night and we arive in London in the morning.. We leave London the day after we land.. and then we will be home to see all of your lovely faces. We miss you all.

God is Good



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