Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hut to Hut

Today, we spent the day going hut to hut, in the village of Namatala, sharing the gospel. We went out in pairs, with a translator. There were 5 different teams today. Emili and I were together and Paul was our translator. Paul was awesome!! So thankful for him!

Each team shared with many and many people accepted Christ as their savior today. We encountered many already believers in the village. We definitely planted seeds. The spiritual warfare going on there was very evident. Alcohol is a huge factor in this village. The women make the alcohol, to make money for their families and then the men simply sit around all day and drink it. It just blows my mind. It is amazing how hospitable these people are. They sit on the ground, in front of their huts and give you the only chair they have. The morning was great!

Later, in the afternoon, after being so totally moved and motivated by hearing Aidah's testimony, we hit the trail again. This time Rachel joined us and Sarah was our translator. On the road to Namatala, we bumped into none other than my little Mudua's entire family, on their way to pick her up from school. I got to meet all 7 of her siblings, and both of her grandparents. This was not an accident. Her mother was beaming.

This afternoon, I finally had the opportunity to lead two women to Christ. As we sat in front of a hut and explained the truth to her it began to rain. It was beautiful! After I lead her in the prayer of salvation, I will never forget the way she looked at me. Her eyes just locked in on mine and she did not take her eyes off of me. They were the deepest, most beautiful brown eyes. I wonder what she was thinking. God knows!

As a first timer in Africa - this is so completely overwhelming to me! They are so desperate for what we have to offer them- Jesus!

Later, we came to another hut and a woman stated she wanted to hear about Jesus. It was just such a beautiful thing to lead an African woman in that prayer. She was so humble. It will change her life forever. During this time, it was particularly moving to see some of the I Choose You moms come up, and support us, while we witnessed to others there. It was like we were their sisters and they were backing us up. As soon as they spot us, they come running with smiles and hugs. It makes a huge difference that we have been building relationship all week with these women. They know we are the real deal and you can tell they want others to know that!

Rachel had the opportunity to lead the father of Stanley, the I Choose You kid whom she sponsors, to Christ. This was so amazing because we were told that every time his wife, or anyone else would try to talk to him about Jesus, he would literally run away. We all rejoiced, with him and his wife! His wife was totally overjoyed. God set up that divine appointment for Rachel. Awesome!! I got great pictures of that!

We also encountered a woman who wanted us to pray for her sick child. This was the most horrible sight I had seen yet. I just can't find the words to describe the condition this child was in. It was such a dark place there. Disease and terribly unsanitary conditions and he was hurting and crying so hard. After leading the child's mother to Christ, Emili and Rachel prayed for this child and they also had the mother pray for her own child. We do not want them to think that only Mzungus can pray, like we are somehow on a different "level" from them.

Jesus moved there today, in a major way. I only wish we could see in the Heavenly realms to see what was truly going on. There is so much oppression there, especially due to the alcohol there.

Once again, my heart was broken today for these people. Today was a VERY emotional day for all of us. Jesus loves them so much and He lead us to each person we encountered.

There are so many other stories to be shared from the other team members. Everyone had a good day!

Darby had another good day sewing with the ladies. There are about 8 of them that are seriously focused on the sewing. So awesome! They finished up pretty pillowcases today.

Tomorrow, we are visiting a baby home in desperate need. We are taking sugar to them. This should be a very moving experience as well. It will also be our last day at Covenant School. It will be so, so hard to leave these kiddos. We love them so much. My heart smiles just thinking about their little faces!

Blessings to all and to all a good night! I'm pooped!!


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